Founded in February 2007, Cerion Energy, a division of Cerion Enterprises, brings nanotechnology and related technologies to a broad range of markets. Developed by our team of veteran entrepreneurs and scientists/researchers, Cerion’s core competency is the consistent production of nanoparticles that are ultra-pure and uniform in size.


Based in Rochester, NY, Cerion Energy enjoys strong relationships with corporate and academic research facilities, such as Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Cornell Univeristy, Alfred University, Clarkson University, Saint Lawrence University, Dartmouth University, and Eastman Kodak Company.


The foundation of Cerion’s growing patent portfolio is a two-and-one-half nanometer (2.5 nm) nanoparticle. By working to optimize the capability of these nanoparticles for improved reactivity, Cerion has become the leading developer and supplier of technologically advanced diesel fuel additives. The Company’s fuel additive formulations based on this technology offer increased combustion efficiency, thereby increasing fuel economy (i.e. MPG), while dramatically decreasing unwanted and harmful exhaust emissions.


With the introduction of our GO2 Combustion Catalyst, Cerion Energy now offers the benefits of this advanced technology to customers in Marine, Rail, Transportation, Construction, Energy Generation, and other diesel markets.


As part of our own growth, Cerion is rapidly expanding its sales and distribution channels in the US and worldwide. Target customers include businesses that use large amounts of diesel fuel and are looking to save money, lower emissions, and improve their own performance and efficiency.

In addition, Cerion Energy is working on applying this technology into JP5 and JP8 jet fuels for applications of interest to the Department of Defense.