Developed by former Kodak PhD scientists, Cerion Energy produces an eco-friendly nanotechnology based diesel fuel additive that decreases fuel consumption by a minimum of 8% while also reducing harmful emissions by 10% to 20% and particulate matter by up to 40%.

The Problem
GO2 addresses a common design limitation of a diesel engine: uneven distribution of oxygen and fuel, which limits engine performance. Unlike gasoline engines, fuel is not pre-mixed with air in diesel engines, thereby resulting in areas of high and low oxygen concentration in the engine chamber. In areas of high oxygen concentration, the combustion creates NOX. In areas of low concentration, the resulting combustion creates un-burned hydrocarbons (soot). This uneven distribution of oxygen limits the maximum work output the engine can generate during each combustion cycle.

The Solution

GO2 nanoparticles act as an oxygen courier, by contributing and redistributing oxygen in the engine chamber during combustion, while also accelerating the rate of combustion. In doing this, a faster, more powerful, and more complete burn occurs which requires less fuel for the same work output required of the engine. Through this process, GO2 reverses the effects of carbon build-up on the cylinder wall, while simultaneously decreasing NOX, CO, CO2, and unburned hydrocarbons from normal commercial operation.