Doug Singer

Vice President of Manufacturing & Testing

Mr. Singer is a 16-year veteran as an Eastman Kodak R&D/Manufacturing engineer in imaging nanoparticle production with experience in Lean Manufacturing, and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt Practitioner.  He has managed startups and accreditation of silver halide manufacturing on-site at Kodak plants in… Read More

Gary Prok

Senior Engineer

Mr. Prok has over 20 years experience in the industry. His functional expertise spans chemical process simulation, process development, supply chain management, operations management, organization structure improvement, and commercialization management.  Mr. Prok has managed a regulated manufacturing organization with a material spend exceeding $90M, hitting… Read More

Carmen DiMora

Production Supervisor

Mr DiMora has 34 years of previous chemical manufacturing experience as an employee of Eastman Kodak Company.  During his career, Mr DiMora was involved in many facets of precision manufacturing for Kodak. In his role as a Manufacturing Technologist for Kodak, he worked closely with… Read More

Dave Burski

Testing Engineer

Mr. Burski worked 38 years at the Eastman Kodak R&D labs as a technologist.  He actively participated on Laboratory Standardization committee for chemical precipitation research, bringing functional equivalence to the 150 global labs in 4 countries.   He was selected as Laboratory Equipment Manager along… Read More